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Starting at 900/Day

  • 1 Camera

  • Instagram



Can more time be added? 

Yes, absolutely! You can add more time to any package for an additional charge. For instance, if you need 7 hours of coverage, you would purchase the 4 hour Basic package then add three hours to make it a total of 7 hours. It's that simple! 


Will you film pre-ceremony shots on any package?

Yes. You can start the time whenever you need to. For instance, if your ceremony starts at 6 pm, you can start your coverage at 5 pm to cover some of the getting ready shots. This applies to all packages.


Will you travel to multiple locations on any package? 

Yes. We're there for you to capture all the details even in multiple locations.


Can we get our footage on a thumb drive in addition to or instead of DVD's? 

Absolutely! I just ask that you provide the thumb drive. You can either give me the thumb drive personally at the wedding or have one shipped to me after the wedding. They are very reasonable if purchased on Amazon and to make things easier, you can have it shipped directly to me. 


Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. All our packages are subject to travel fees, depending on the location. Please contact us for more information.


Do you film and edit your own weddings? 

Yes, I have always filmed and edited my own weddings. Nothing is ever outsourced as far as the filming or editing. This not only ensures you get reliable service the day of your wedding, but also ensures you get a high quality video in a timely manner. 

Your big day means a lot to us. As much as your friends and family are excited to witness this moment in time, so are we.  No need to tell us how important this day is for you, we get it! We want to help make it the best day of your life by capturing all those special moments and details that you just couldn’t take in because your head was spinning from all the excitement, nervousness, and pressure, of having the “perfect day”. We have a love for seeing people excited and enjoying themselves around the ones they love and that’s when we shine most.  QShotYou is the company for you if you just want to have fun and know that you'll be able to enjoy the memories captured for years to come.  Contact us today to set up a free consultation so that we can get all the details to get your needs of YOUR BIG DAY taken care of.

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